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A Free Tool To Help With Video Instruction

For some students, watching videos is not a great way to learn. Attention or learning style differences can make it difficult to get much from a video, especially when it consists mostly of someone talking. Google has provided an excellent tool that can help when students are asked to watch videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or Khan Academy for homework.

A student can use VideoNot.es while watching many videos. While watching the video on the left half of the screen, he types notes on the right side. The notes he takes are time stamped so that when he clicks on what he wrote, the video will jump to that exact place he was watching when he wrote the note. Later, when he is studying for a test or doing his homework, he can easily find the place in the video by using the notes he took. If he needs to, he can watch that portion of the video again. This saves time, because he no longer has to search through a video trying to find the spot where a particular piece of information was given.

In order to use VideoNot.es, it first has to be set up with Google Drive. This is easy to accomplish by selecting the “Connect with Google Drive” button on the VideoNot.es home page. If a student does not yet have a Google Drive account, it might be worth the time to set one up just for this tool! Google Drive is free and many schools are already using Google Apps for Education which includes Google Drive.

VideoNot.es has a tutorial that automatically runs to help learn how to use it. There are also many YouTube videos that show how to set up and use the app. A particularly good one can be found here. If you are like me and you learn best when you write something down, you need to explore this free Google app. VideoNot.es is a wonderful tool that can help students learn more from their video assignments.


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