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Sensory Activities Sharpen Skills and Encourage Creativity

Sensory games can be a fun way for any child to learn. Here are three easy activities to encourage your child to learn in different ways:

Heighten his listening comprehension with simple household objects. For example, use a set of keys, the kitchen faucet, a bouncing ball, or the vacuum. Ask him to close his eyes and listen for the noise you are going to make. Then, briefly shake the keys and ask him to identify the object that made the sound. Once he can easily identify single objects, try two, then three to fine-tune listening skills.

Focus on the tactile sense. Make a “Guess-It” bag. Gather a paper grocery bag or pillowcase and collect some objects that are familiar to your child. Examples can be her favorite small stuffed animal, an apple, a toy car, a sock, etc. Hide an object, one at a time, in the bag. Have her close her eyes, reach into the bag, and identify the object with her sense of touch. When she guesses correctly, encourage her to describe just how she knew.

Help him think about familiar objects in different ways. Show your child a straw, a pencil, and a fork. Ask “Which item would work just as well holding the opposite end?” Ask “What else, around the house, might work just as well upside down? (A slice of bread, a baseball, a piece of cheese, an orange, etc.) Or have him think of different ways to use familiar objects. His soccer trophy could be used as a doorstop; a drinking glass could hold and display a shell collection. 

Wondering about, then discovering new possibilities, is a great way to encourage curiosity. This will expand a child’s ability to be a creative, divergent thinker!

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