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Does PreSchool Hurt or Harm Kids?

As usual, Sue Shellenbarger over at the Wall Street Journal's Work & Family space, does a nice job balancing both sides of a heated issue with this column on preschool research. Her conclusion: Do kids need preschool? No. But can it help? Sure.

Googling the column, it was funny to find quite heated opposite perspectives from the very same paper. This op-ed piece from last summer, for example, asks us to Protect Our Kids from PreSchool. Strong stuff in the column as well as the interesting comments area. My three oldest (and another next year) have all attended a preschool that we loved. Were weexpecting academic miracles? No. Do we think our boys were ready to expand their worlds a bit, hear some new voices, try some new things (and still get a nap in back at home)? Yes to all. Helped a lot that we happened to love the two teachers.

Of course here at schoolfamily.com, we have tips for getting your child ready for kindergarten, whether you're using a preschool or not.
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