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Involvement can be Simple

This article on Conversations to Have with Your Kids in the Car hits just the right note. I think sometimes -- and we can be guilty of this on schoolfamily.com, as well -- there's a tendency to make involvement seem so arduous, and it doesn't have to be.

We've got a great article on the site on "Parents as Teachers" that really hits home, as well.

This general concept covers two distinct battles on the involvement front. One is having actual meaningful conversations with your child, and it's obviously important. But the second is simply making sure your child knows you're interested and interacting. Every conversation doesn't have to be deep and real, but it's important to keep asking the questions and opening the lines. I like to say: even if the answer to "how was your day?" is "fine" 121 days in a row, please be sure to ask it again on the 122nd day.

Love to hear your thoughts on the art of the sometimes-inane conversation...
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