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Cell Phone Rules Tightening at Schools

This Mississippi district isn't alone in trying to clamp down on cell phone use at school. Sounds like these guys are taking a common-sense approach to appropriate controls over outright ban. Thinking abouta cell for your dear son or daughter? Here are some kids' cell phone shopping tips from our staff.
Involvement can be Simple
Stretching Back-to-School Supplies

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#1 sarah 2008-08-18 13:26
I have a 6year old starting school for the first time and I feel much more comfortable with him carrying a cell phone. If there is an emergency or he needs to get a hold of me, he can, with a touch of few buttons. People think I'm crazy for getting him a phone, but until you have a child of your own, you shouldn't judge. He is the most precious person in my life, and I would do anything for him. We live in california, where earthquakes happen often, and I am the type of mother who would go and pick up my child from school, if I was able to reach him on the phone and confirm that he is okay, I could leave him there until school let out.

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