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Educational Uses for Sticky Notes

Sticky NotesI think "sticky notes" are one of the world’s greatest inventions! Their educational uses can be fun and creative. Young children love working with them. Here are four ways to use these helpful notes to inspire reading, writing, and math skills.

For reading:

  • They make great bookmarks. The notes can be easily moved from one page to the next as your child progresses through a book. Best of all they don’t fall out!
  • They can be used to eliminate the "Oh, I didn’t hear you" excuse. As your child begins to read, use them for simple reminders of chores or family rules. For example, stick a note on the TV screen that says, "No TV until after homework."

For math:

  • They are great for making large, visual bar graphs that young children can easily understand. For example, after visiting the zoo, write the name of five animals that your child saw on the bottom of a poster board. Above the animal’s name, put one sticky note for each of the animals observed. Three lions, three notes, one above the other. When the chart is complete, your child will clearly visualize the total number of animals seen and start to comprehend the concept of graphs. Use the graph to compare "most," "least," or "How many more monkeys did you see than lions?"

For writing:

  • Make a simple "flip" book with about 6-10 sticky notes. Place the sticky side of the notes to the left. On the bottom of each note, write a direction word, "up," "down," "over," etc. Have your child make a small picture to show the word. Stack the notes together, and hold them on the left side. "Flip" the pages for a simple animation book that your young child will love, and want to "read" again and again.
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#2 jenna 2011-10-26 15:08
Sticky notes always come in handy! This was a creative post. My daughter uses them to draw on and paints pictures on poster board.
#1 carol williams 2011-03-23 19:46
Never thought of COUNTING the animals at the zoo, and creating simple math programs with them, as well.
Excellent suggestion and using the sticky notes to assist with this is ingenius. Thanks!

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