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What the Cool Kindergartener is Wearing

I'm not usually one for giving fashion advice, but i just ran across this site.. and kind of love these shirts for the little ones. (Love them especially after my kids came home from the mall last night with lots and lots of questions about the lets-just-say interesting photos at Abercrombie & Fitch -- ouch). They've got lots of the younger grades covered and a neat, simple feel.Hope you like.
The... ahem... joys of back-to-school shopping
A Mile of Involvement

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#1 Doreen chorazyczewski 2008-08-20 15:49
It seems these type of stores are trying to get to younger and younger kids--- they have now come out with XXXS so younger kids can wear these types of clothes. Not yet if I have anything to say about it--- tight, short, see-through and mid-way is not what I'm looking for, for my 3rd grader-- I'll stick with the gap, target, Kohl's and the likes as long as I can-- Love the t-shirt site--- wish they had more to choose from and that they were a little cheaper for budgets--
We just had some made that the kids help design at a t-shirt company- that way they were more willing to wear them.

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