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The... ahem... joys of back-to-school shopping

Good column from Atlanta from a dad who doesn't miss the annual scramble now that his youngest is off to college. It *is* amazing how none of the supply goodies you can get for free (pens from the hotel or conference, backpack from the camp give-away, etc.) are ever actually the right supplies for school. Must be a conspiracy.... Where do all those mechanical pencils disappear to anyway? Must be in that same secret compartment with all the single socks that go missing.
Making the Most of Back-to-School Night
What the Cool Kindergartener is Wearing

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#2 Sam 2009-07-29 12:13
I found this really cool new school supply. It is a lock for your locker but it is a new twist on an old idea.


It looks like a generic lock but you can move the wheels and numbers to create pretty much an infinite number of combinations. Tell me if anyone else finds this cool.
#1 David Miller 2008-08-13 19:26
A lot of people in Atlanta took advantage of the tax free school week. Nice post.

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