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Time Management for Kids

Kind of ironic that I'm writing about this, considering the fact that I desperately need "Time Management for Tim", but this morning routine/time management for kids blog from the San Francisco Chronicle really sucked me in.

We've gone from 2 kids to 3 kids in school this year, and I still haven't accurately factored in extra time for one more sandwich and one more snack and two more shoes to be tied and 6 more missing notebooks and 14 more forms that I need to sign each morning. For our night-owl family, the goal seems to be to wake up as late as possible while still getting the key morning steps accomplished without being too insane and still making the bus 9 times out of 10. That too much to ask?

We're getting there, but it's a work in progress. How about you? And what are your best tricks of the trade?
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#3 Jacquie Ross 2008-09-19 10:54
I just watched the video highlighting the On Task On Time product. I think I simply must mention it in one of my blogs! It's a great idea, especially for younger children!
#2 Moschel Kadokura 2008-09-19 10:36
Thanks for pointing this article out to your readers. I'm the person who created the device On Task On Time for Kids that Amy used with her daughter. Creating a visual routine that was set on a disk and told my kids exactly what their routine was and also showed them exactly when to do it saved my sanity!

I like your idea about the sandwiches. With my son, we get a "bao" which is like a sandwich. They are always in the freezer when he doesn't have time to make his sandwich.
#1 Jacquie Ross 2008-09-19 09:46
There's very little I can add to the "Time Management for Tim" blog. However, I don't "take lunch orders". My kids aren't so fortunate! :-) I also prepare a bunch of sandwiches early in the week, seal them very well and double bag and place in the fridge. You could also freeze them, since they will thaw by lunchtime and be as good as new. Each child takes their sandwich out of the fridge each day and adds the fruit and snack. They buy lunch once a week and I have baggies of lunch money ready to go.

The key for me is to do as much as we can the night before, or in some cases, the week before. For instance, I make sure my son, who's 8, has at least 5 outfits that he can pick from each day. My daughter is a little older and takes care of herself in that respect.

I also agree that you have to start them early! I've trained my kids since preschool, so it becomes routine and rarely are we rushing out of the door!

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