Savannah High School

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Public School

766 Students

Grades: 9 - 12

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RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: I hate everything about this fucking school its racist and teacher are assholes to special ed kids



ROCKS: Nothing

IMPROVED: Bully incidents are being denied and covered up. Have your kids been bullied @ SHS? Are your kids victims of #VictimBlaming ? Have you talked to your child about Bullying @ school? Local police say there are 100's of bullying cases in the Savannah R3 school district that are swept under the rug. Why are Bullies running our schools, and why are our schools protecting them? Why are the victims being punished? Why are they allowing our children to be damaged and abused? Why are certain members of our School Board laughing at the thought of a bullied child wanting to die? It is time to find answers to these questions. It is time to stand up & demand answers from our Schools Administration, our School Board, Our Superintendents, & Law Enforcement. We the People pay their salaries, we pay for these schools, & we are pay them 2 ignore, neglect, & abuse children by failing to report / act on the abuse they are receiving by their bullies. FB Put a Stop to Bullying in Savannah Missouri

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