William L Dickinson High School

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Grades: 9 - 12

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ROCKS: I know I'm not a student at Dickinson but the school has a historical background and the architectural detail is similar to the exterior of the luxury palaces in Europe. I went up to the rear entrance of the school and the view is incredible. You can see parts of Northwestern Manhattan and even some parts of The Narrows Bridge! It really is no question why Washington actually went to this site to skirmish during the Revolutionary War. The school is a top of a cliff. That is why the view is so breathtaking! Beneath the school's gymnasium is a haunted tunnel often called Dead Man's Tunnel. the reason why it is haunted is because of the "self-murders here. Look I'm actually a kid from the nearby PS#5 However, I actually know a lot about the history of this school. But I can't explain it all. Just go to this website from the New Jersey City University.https://www.njcu.edu/Programs/jchistory/Pages/D_Pages/Dickinson_High_School.htm


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