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Grades: 8 - 12

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RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: Logan River Academy is very high quality program that does exceptional work with children who are having difficulty at home and at school. I have seen the results first hand and know that they are caring people and they provide an excellent opportunity for the families hey serve. The students they serve make great changes in their lives and learn how to he successful.



ROCKS: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

IMPROVED: Discipline at this school is out of control! Dangerous place for kids! First off, I d write more, but I can t violate the review guidelines. The discipline used at this school is completely out of control. This type of program is not effective at all. Some students sit in DEVO, for months. They won t discuss DEVO, on their website, but it is unconscionable. Precaution, is worse. The student sleeps, eats and spends all day in isolation. Juvenile halls in many states treat their kids better. If you know children currently at LRA, please seek to have them removed. We had my girlfriend s brother removed and we, as well as him too, are very, very, very happy and relieved. See https://www.shutdownloganriver.com


ROCKS: Logan River Academy was a very difficult choice to make. Did not want to send my daughter away to a therapy school or any school. She was in crisis and it was not a choice. Our excellent school in California was not working out. My daughter needed to be place immediately. She told me "It is hard work at LRA but it is the best decision you have ever made, mom". "I need to fix my problems myself." Logan River Academy challenged her and helped her grow in so many ways. The therapists there are Amazing. The Program is Excellent. Not easy but nothing worth having in life is easy.

IMPROVED: They are great now!


ROCKS: Nothing!!!!

IMPROVED: This school is not pro-family. Obviously my child is there because she has issues and Margaret Oak (my daughters counselor) told me that my daughter does not want to talk to me and she is old enough to make up her own mind. Why isn't this school and the counselors trying to mend a broken relationship? Why aren't they helping to rebuild a mother/daughter relationship? My daughter is 17 years old and I feel that they are an over-paid babysitter. I get no communication about my daughter, I get no return phone calls from Margaret Oak. I would not recommend this school to any parent that is searching for help with their teenager.

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