Trivium Preparatory

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Grades: 6 - 11

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ROCKS: The education from a Great Hearts school is second to none. It is a liberal arts education that pushes them academically, and offers clubs and competitive sports programs. They are an accelerated school (Universities weight grades one letter higher due to the high standards of the school). I have spoken with several admissions specialists who all rave about Great Hearts programs, stating that these schools prepare their scholars as well as any school in the country, on par with some of the best private institutions in the country. The teachers are held to a higher standard and are engaged in many ways. They offer free tutoring a few days a week after or before school, and I have had a few give up their lunch hour to help my daughters with a particularly challenging assignment. They all show up to cheer the athletes on and many also come to the drama events, and choral concerts. Its a special environment, with small class sizes as well. If you can get your child a spot dont hesitate.

IMPROVED: They are currently building a new campus, and from what I have seen it will be amazing for the kids. We will have to wait to see what the new campus brings. There is a substantial wait list for new students, and you do have to buy about 6-10 books each year to build a classic library for your child. (think Iliad & Odyssey, not text books) For the quality of the education, this is a small price to pay.

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