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ROCKS: Some teachers, some students

IMPROVED: New principal. In this school there's something called Highmarket Expo. You make your own little business with a group and at the day of highmarket expo. You sell your products. I think it's not a good idea because students spend there time and MONEY for Highmarket expo. And most of the students don't make profit, so they basically lose money. Parents and the child LOSE money. But I understand that it's a Business school but Highmarket isn't worth the time and money. I think also think the dress code is pointless because I understand it's more of school where you have to wear business like clothing, but now you can wear jeans, shirts with logos, patterned pants and shirts. Last year we couldn't wear any of that. So I think now the dress code is pointless and I don't see how a 'dress code' is going to somehow improve my education. Other than that it's a decent school :)

RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: Some teachers, some students.



ROCKS: My kids love the school. They have several fun activities and programs for the kids to participate in. Other kids are well behaved (by comparison to other local schools). Teachers seem to be very enthusiastic and genuinely enjoy teaching their students.

IMPROVED: Dropping off and picking up children seems chaotic and not well managed. Communication to parents can sometimes be hit and miss, especially when it comes to dealing with the youngest children. Some teachers have very few years of teaching experience and are young themselves, so understanding how to relate to parents seems like a struggle at times.


ROCKS: Nasty & weak comments! What good comes from it? My children like their High-Mark school. I have seen a great outcome on my child, from 5th grade public school, disliking it; to 6th grade at High-mark, loving it, becoming accountable, responsible, & aware of the socioeconomic issues. They learn useful things as creative and responsible entrepreneurs. Is the critic based on ethical experience? Have you seen the administrator's background? She helps kids and teens in many ways. Read about it! The way she positively spends her time says a lot about her.

IMPROVED: It starts with us Parents. Involved+knowledgeable ideas =success.


ROCKS: Some teachers, although morale is low. Students are awesome, but deserve better.

IMPROVED: Principal is a nasty woman who micromanages everything in this school. She controls the PTSO and the school board. The school board is a joke. Embarrassing! Do not send your kids here.

RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: Students, small school

IMPROVED: Needs new principal and vice principal. These reviews are misleading because this box states ways to make this school better, but in the reviews this area shows as ways the school has already improved. WE NEED NEW ADMINISTRATION

RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: Teachers, students, extra curricular opportunities

IMPROVED: New principal and vice principal


ROCKS: THe new principal is great. The small class sizes, especially junior high is awesome. The teachers my kids have are all great! I love the business integration!

IMPROVED: I wish they would add high school :)


ROCKS: The teachers are great! Sometimes dis-functionable.

IMPROVED: Better principle




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