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Grades: K - 10

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ROCKS: Love the quality education. The teachers and staff not only teach each student their academics but they teach with enthusiasm and love of their subject matter. Character education, respect for self and others, appreciation for our environment, a foreign language,and. I could go on and on. The curriculum is vigorous but it is a great fit for my child. Cornerstone is a great environment for learning.

IMPROVED: Once Cornerstone has a place to call home the biggest issue of too heavy backpacks being lugged around all day.


ROCKS: Dedicated and energetic administration and staff Quality course materials No-nonsense approach to behavior problems (stealing, fighting, bullying) with clearly defined consequences Rigorous academics Friendly students and families Good variety of after-school clubs Solid art program Great sports program- golf, tennis team, swim team, baseball team and more



ROCKS: Parental Involvement & the Curriculum

IMPROVED: 1. Kids below 3rd grade get suspended. 2. Some teachers need to learn how to manange their class. 3. Some teachers favor certain students and parents. Some teachers also favor girls over boys. 4. Some teachers need to learn how to teach and talk to boys, especially boys of color. 5. Some teachers need more education in child development. 6. The director/principal is unapproachable and lacks consideration for the concerns of parents and students. The director/principal has taken as hands off approach in regards to building relationships with parents and students and maintaining high levels of expectations for staff. Overall, this school fell well below my expectations.

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