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Grades: K - 8

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ROCKS: Today was my son first day of school and so far the Director Molly Robinson has been NOT helpful at all. I asked if my son and I could have a tour of the school so he could know where everything was locate because he is a new student but she refuse. She said we have to wait till there is an open house which is 2 weeks later!!! I asked if they could at least show me where my son classroom was going to be, which she also refused but assured me that my son was gonna be with his class at all times. I cannot be ok with this because minutes earlier there was a young girl crying because she got lost at the school and was scare!!!! and Yes I was there when this happen so I know what I'm saying. The Director is rude and is not willing to work things out with parents or make them feel comfortable in any way. I'm waiting for my son to come out and hear how hos experience was. It's never too late to change my mind about this school and so far is been crappy.

IMPROVED: The Director should try to make the parents feel more comfortable and be more willing to cooperate with them.

RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: i think that this school has a really rude principle

IMPROVED: the old priniciple shoould come back

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