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RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: Mr. Bennett continues to hires his friends. I just hope that when they get rid of his friends they take him also.

IMPROVED: Mrs. Franklin is still walking around with her head tilted and a sarcastic smile. Maybe if I was getting paid to do absolutely nothing I would be happy too. If you want to make this school better hire someone who knows their job and is willing to do it.


ROCKS: Staff and kids get to do whatever they want!!!!

IMPROVED: Once upon a time there was a schoolhouse principal named Mr. Bennett. He was the perfect "Yes, sir", "Whatever you want boss employee there ever was. He was so good he worked his way all the way up the learn hunter perkins ladder of success to principal. He stood outside looking into the sky shaking primary students hands hoping and praying no one would ask him any real questions dontHe has no clue on how to solve conflict and behavior issues. His solution is to ignore, don't address the issue and run away from concerned parents and staff. I guess some people will do anything for a dollar.



IMPROVED: If you give the educated (?) ratchet a title... (Mrs. Franklin) she will befriend the ratchet students and their parents. Then their kids will be allowed to do anything without consequences. If they are allowed to do anything without consequences they will curse, fight, and disrespect their classmates and teachers. If they disrespect their classmates and teachers... the good students and staff will leave. If the good students and staff leave all that will be left are the badly behaved below average students and the leader of the ratchet (Mrs. Latrice Franklin) Then the school will have poor test scores and a Level 3 rating. Soon after, the school will close and the educated (?) ratchet leader will be out of a job!


ROCKS: Schools starts @ 8 and gets out @ 4. If you are running late they will watch your child till 6. Daycare hours without the pay.

IMPROVED: The behavior of the kids are horrible. The behavior of the staff is the worst. The discipline person Mrs. Kamesha Barrett is loud rude and ratchet. What adult staff thinks it's okay to tell a child to "cash me outside" or tell a student they will be cleaning toliets at McDonald's? This place is unbelievable.


ROCKS: The students are great!!!

IMPROVED: The administration team is horrible. The principal claims to be unaware of what's giing on. The A P. Mrs. Franklin is unprofessional and gets mad when she has to work even when she is at work. Ms. Barrett is a bully that sits in here office all day and eats. She provides no help to the students or staff. She is basically getting paid to sit in here office and eat. I think her salary could be best use elsewhere.


ROCKS: Nothing

IMPROVED: Fire the principal.

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