Ascent Academy Utah - West Jordan Campus

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Charter School

1385 Students

Grades: K - 9

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Here’s how parents rate and review Ascent Academy Utah - West Jordan Campus


ROCKS: Nothing

IMPROVED: Needs teachers that understand kids needs and learning styles. I believe most of these teachers got there degree from a Cracker Jack box. I was the PTO president and the Community Chairman at my sons last school so I have worked with many teachers and administration and I am appalled at the way this school is run and how the teachers get away with treating the students so poorly.


ROCKS: Nothing

IMPROVED: New staff new teachers who care about kids and work with parents. I got sick of being belittled by my sons K teacher My jr son loves it and it seems most his teachers are more caring and professional


ROCKS: The cook and food are great

IMPROVED: Get better qualified staff and elementary teachers. More consistent aids as well. And administration that gives a dam. I wouldn't send my reptiles here. Even kindergarten is awful here. Way to much homework and not enough socializing and a teacher who gives advice on how I should be raising my kid. First grade horrible teachers too. Second grade teachers are great though


ROCKS: Some of the staff are professional and caring

IMPROVED: Some New teachers and staff are needed that really care about our kids

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