Ps 15 Whitney M Young Jr

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Public School

Grades: PreK - 8

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Here’s how parents rate and review Ps 15 Whitney M Young Jr

RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: Nothing

IMPROVED: Get it cleaned Get better teachers Get better students



IMPROVED: get the bullies out ;,( !!!!!!!!!! and make sure people mind there business and respect each other

RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: i like how they lie and say theres cameras

IMPROVED: stop lying to these us

RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: i hate it

IMPROVED: this school is bad i learned it today the school was broke down today and it was the worst

RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: nothing

IMPROVED: They lack subject knowledge. They have poor classroom control. They act unprofessionally. They can't diagnose learning problems. They are obsessive about method (particularly about whole language, although Strickland is obsessive about phonics and an avid opponent of Madeline Hunter's work). They focus on the wrong goals. They have no goals at all.this school is horrible


ROCKS: you can do what ever you want and teachers will just sit and say nothing

IMPROVED: let the kids run wild a little more and no more nasty lunch and try loseing some of that work it over welms kids and make them feel down and it will be hard for them to think straight so thats when they get angry and have an attitude but not knowing you people are the reason why and then you want to kick them out the school you should be kicked out actually for makeing them like this after all of that they will not and wouldnt be able to go to school anymore they will then live as kids on the corner or even with drugs so try taking my advice and no lie i went to this school before and i got kicked out for being angry and it messed my life up but im back on my feet and i will avoid this from my family,friends and loved ones until i see for myself that its better

RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: nothing

IMPROVED: add elevators and better lunches and you NEED better teachers

RATED: Not rated


IMPROVED: Maybe the school on the outside is horrible that makes people worried and have cameras around and in the school.

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