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Grades: PreK - 5

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RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: I went to this school in the early 1950's and the school principal was Mrs. Butler. I still remember the teachers I had in elementary school....Mrs. Clark, Mrs. O' Brian, Mrs. Fisher to name a few, which left me with great memories at such a young age.

IMPROVED: As a class, we all said the pledge of allegiance to our flag of the United States......we were taught to respect what this flag represented and the men and woman who fought in the various wars, so we could have the freedoms we acquired..... where is it now. Standing by the steel radiators doing the spelling bee and the various foil stars placed on our test we took or our homework we handed in....besides a grade, we got a colored star. Little things that made each of the students have a sense of accomplishment. Now the schools can't celebrate the holidays. Doing these crafts brought such happiness to each young student and so proud to bring the finish product home to our family. God forbid the teacher uses the word "Christmas" when the holiday comes around. The children should learn everyone's customs, religion, holidays, etc......... to bring each child together in harmony. I am now 71 years old.....but I remember it all.


ROCKS: Nothing

IMPROVED: clean it. nicer teachers!!

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