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Grades: PreK - 5

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ROCKS: 21st century learning. Our school has teamed up with the Harless Center through Marshall University. The staff and children are striving to succeed in our society with training and in modern day technology. Our teachers are willing to put forth the extra effort to succeed. Our school board is very supportive with our steps and leaps forward.

IMPROVED: Our teachers are willing to work overtime in training sessions to become more familiar with the 21st century training. The staff is supportive of one another. Our prinicipal is out of this world. He lives and breaths his school. We are getting more parent involvement. I believe that is our next step in our effort to succeed. We need more parents to be involved in their childs educations. Studies show that parents that become more involved improve their childs self esteem, test scores, grades, social skills and many other areas. I hope that we all become a big family and strive to help our children and our community. It starts with our children that will become tomorrows society.

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