Carbondale New School

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Private School

64 Students

Grades: PreK - 8

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ROCKS: Carbondale New School started as a great collaboration between parents, students and teachers. This school might be for you, as long your expectations are not high. Your child will benefit from smaller classes and more personal attention. You will not, however, be allowed input or be constructively approached about problem solving. If you have a problem, do not expect administrative support.

IMPROVED: In recent years, there has been a shift away from responsiveness/inclusion of parents and students towards teacher/administration control. In fact, things have shifted so much that parents who raise concerns are "problems." The board is not responsive to concerns when raised, so the system of exclusion continues. In 2013, a large number of families left, registering their disappointment as they did so. Many of them were active parents who became disillusioned by being asked to support the school (with required volunteer hours) but not allowed input into the school. So, a good way to make the school better is to be more responsive and collaborative.

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