Providence Springs Elementary

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Public School

790 Students

Grades: K - 5

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IMPROVED: In my experience, this school mistreats and discriminates against children that do not conform to superior academic and rigid behavioral standards. I believe that certain families are harassed systematically in order to get them to pull their child out of school. Our family was one of them. Numerous harassing phone calls if our child did anything out of the ordinary (even touching the walls in the corridors, or playing with a jacket) we heard about it. "Perhaps this is not the right school for your child" " Your child refuses to learn" " We have never had a case like this" . I removed my child from this school after two futile years of trying to advocate for my child's needs. In the new school in a more diverse neighborhood - no problems at all. Suddenly this "extreme case" was getting awards for "most improved" and citizenship.

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