Frank R. Conwell Ms #4

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Grades: 6 - 8

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Here’s how parents rate and review Frank R. Conwell Ms #4


ROCKS: I was depressed about my old school and I went to this one and made so many friends and its a heck lot closer

IMPROVED: no uniform


ROCKS: best school ever11

IMPROVED: nothing tbh

RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: they offer stuff that other schools don't like music volley ball cooking knitting and they are a very organized school and I go there and I made friends quick and during lunch there's a library and auditorium that's huge they also have field trips and school dances to cheer kids up and days like dress down day for fun

IMPROVED: you shouldn't have a uniform


ROCKS: Nothing any more

IMPROVED: My son started in aep program of this school in sept 2012. Yesterday he came home stating that his Math teacher took away his math books and workbooks for taking few seconds more to take out his stuff for grading. And then when his assignments/homework could not be graded because teacher was holding on to his workbook, my son went to his teacher to ask for his grades. Teacher replied" you get a zero". My son came home crying and so me and my husband went next day to have a meeting with required staff. To our surprise, math teacher said that my son didn't need those books for class which is why he retained them! My question- Do teachers have to lie? Isn't it harassment to retain books purposefully that a student need for the class? What is my child going to learn in this school, how to lie? If one teacher can do it, other teachers can also harass a student. I am very disappointed, I don't want my son to learn wrong things, I am taking him out of this school.


ROCKS: This is school is the best school possibly out there. I currently attend this school as a 8th grader. I have been part of the AEP program and it has really change so much... love my teachers, frineds, and everything else. C'Mon you wouldn;t find a talented school like this anywhere else... especially not A1

IMPROVED: none:)

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