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Grades: PreK - 5

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ROCKS: I love this school. My son at first did not like school before LFAE. The school he came from at first had 27 students in the classroom so he was just lost in the numbers. Now he's in a class with no more than 10 students. He loves to go to school now. He's enjoying Phonics and Math class. He's also writing in cursive now and he's just in 1st grade. All of the teachers are just awesome..I think God everyday for Living Faith Academy of Excellence. I would recommend anyone that's looking for a good christian school to send your child to LFAE.....

IMPROVED: Everything is Great!!!!


ROCKS: My child has been at this school since she was about 2 years and I love it....it's money out of your pockets but I would rather pay for a good education and a place that I know that my child would be safe. I have not had a problem with the teachers nor the education that my child has received....plus they get the guidance to follow the word from the Lord...I would recommend this school to anyone. As long as the Lord provides me the strength and the ability to afford it...she will be there! God Bless!

IMPROVED: The school can probably use more update technology for communication. Emailing or text messages to parents.


ROCKS: From my personal experience the Pre-k and kindergarten are very unprofessional and they definately lack in communication

IMPROVED: Have more understandle and have patience with their students and better communication with the parents


ROCKS: MY child learn alot from this school. she loves all her teachers. and she loves to go to school every day even on weekends she ask me do she go to school today. she even loves to go to the after care she just love to be around evey one there even when she gets fussed at she still love her school no mater what.

IMPROVED: i feel it should have free lunch and brakfest should end at 8:25 not 8:20

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