North Hudson Academy

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Private School

Grades: PreK - 12

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RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: This school was by far the worst school I have ever attended not only do they restrain you without consent from a parent or law enforcement they make you admit too things you did not do and say why you did it in their words if you do not cooperate with them they won't let you out of detention they basically use these "250 word compositions" too save their Burts just incase a parent decided too sue or press charges

IMPROVED: Get real security guards too monitor the cameras and the teachers

RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: I don't.

IMPROVED: Some ideas about making this school a better and safer place for kids, especially kids at the age of 6 - 10, are to stop yelling at students, Offering to ask for counselors before getting students in trouble, Let kids share comments about what a teacher is doing wrong(for example: a teacher would make a small mistake and might not notice until a student informs him/her).

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