Do you think your child is expected to learn more or less than you were at the same age?

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#17 Melissa Smith 2013-12-11 01:26
I am a Child Advocate,and care a great deal about our children.Like you we are in harmony with the disatisfaction with the school system.Please let me hear your voice and lets work together on getting justice. www.speakupaboutyourschool@yahoo.com
#16 Gruhn 2013-04-22 16:44
I posted this cartoon today which is relevant to your post from 2 years ago. Hope you enjoy. https://www.webdonuts.com/2013/04/presenting/
#15 Ana acuna 2013-02-26 02:24
We should open a school from home because the school system is not giving the children the knowledge and proper identification of themselves and encourage them to keep others who are behind and then they have to struggle in it because no one is guiding them to a better future .The school system has all what is takes to make it happen but the will of the parents and teachers and the bahaviour of some obstaculize the whole education success !!
So as parent we need to be united and start to teach our kids from home till they are in university, some parents can teach phonics , some can teach language and other entertainement and with counseling according the best moral values and dignity for each human in the world.
#14 Veronica 2012-09-26 16:28
our kids have a lot less homework in comparison to kids from European countries and European students stay in school longer.
#13 Sarah Simplot 2011-05-22 20:42
When my daughter was in preschool, she was learning not only sign language, but Spanish too. Not only that, she started computer classes at 4 yrs. I think this is awesome. I did not have to take a language till what? 9th, 10th grade!
#12 Sally 2010-03-31 15:58
I am A parent of four there is 20 years between my oldest and youngest.When my 33 and 30 year old was in school things were way better than now. My 12 and 13 year old are expected to learn way too much these days.The system is too fast paced,every thing is rush, rush these days.I took my youngest 2 out of public school 2 years ago because of bullying, among numerous reasons.When your child gets harassed or assaulted the teachers do nothing.My daughters last teacher embarassed her in front of every one for no reason ,even the principal said that was not how they do things.I made the teacher apologize to her in front of her whole class.Needless to say she was not happy,But if I had not gone to the school and raised HELL she would have got away with it.The principals of the schools want to wash all bad things under the rug and forget about it if their good grade kids do something bad, like attack my son.They allowed this kid to bully all the way through elementary school.That is when I said enough of these strangers teaching my kids and pulled them out of the system. We are all better for it.The only thing they miss is there old friends.They said most of there teachers were mean and hateful any way.Parent, I challenge you to spend one day in school with your child to see what this corrupt government of ours has done to the education system.You would be surprised how many teachers have quit their jobs because of the government sticking their nose where it does not belong.I worked for the school system for 3 years,you would be shocked at how they let kids get away with things because of their parents,academi c skills or color yes I said color.Open your eyes parents before it is to late.
#11 Geoff Burton 2010-03-19 02:17
I answered the same on the poll and I did a lot of home work when I was a kid , but he may be assigned a little more although I can't be sure of that since its been a lot of years since I was 6 yrs old. We used to do home work daily,but my son gets his work in a weekly package and we can easily do 4 days work in 3 days although I have him do a couple of extra credit math pages a week.
#10 diane davis 2009-08-09 11:52
I expect my child to learn more and to do better. but as parents we could help our children a lot better. but there are a lot of parents who can not do the homewook the kids do today because they do not know it some of the parents need to be taught.
#9 connie 2009-08-09 05:28
i need
help with my kid in math
#8 Melissa 2009-07-18 16:32
I teach K4 and what I do in class Im expected to do to prepare my class for kindergarten the next year. My curriculum to do this is what I remember doing IN kindergarten if not early first grade!! But the kids really do get a grasp of things pretty quickely and every year it seems Im having to bump up the curriculum to challenge a majority of the class. My class I have over the summer and super excited to start learning to read this coming year... they eager to learn to experiment and to discover.

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Do you allow your children to watch TV or play on the computer before doing their homework?

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