How much TV do you allow your kids to watch on school nights?

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#29 Sequoia Alexander 2015-03-03 19:13
I'm only 16 but I think that all kids should do their homework before doing anything. I've done this thing where homework first and you don't forget to do it and you wont have to constantly trying to forget it or not wanting to do it. More free time for the kids and less stress for the kid having to ask for help. If they ask for help so late the parents brain will be half asleep and they may give the wrong answer.
#28 lala 2015-02-25 16:45
no comment
#27 shykita corbitt 2014-04-09 16:14
i luv this
#26 nae l 2012-11-24 20:53
Let kids be themselfs if you aren't been you aka:enormus
I know how o spell and i watch t.v
#25 nae 2012-11-24 20:49
See i hear talk im 14 some channels are nasty but
your children need to that you trust them enough
to let them make their on choices your not going to be their for
them for life.

PS:gave faith in them
#24 Elizabeth 2012-11-10 15:46
Thankyou for this oppertunity.

#23 Sue 2010-04-15 21:43
T.V. is not for active parents or children! By the time we get home from their afterschool activities, we barely have enough time for family stuff! My husband works with the kids on learning Spanish, practicing viloin, reading to each other, etc...while I cook dinner. We eat as a family and have discussions around 7 - 8 PM. They take their baths and get ready for a bedtime story or Game night on Friday. My 4 and 8 year old go to bed at 9PM. As they get older and have later practices and girl scout meetings, etc., T.V. will be unheard of..thus we do not have cable nor watch t.v.
#22 jk 2009-12-04 00:54
be interesting to know how much computer time our kids get too:
#21 Maggie 2009-07-17 14:40
wowww... ok, I'm 13 (not a parent, just stumbled upon this site) and Mrs. B whoever you are, you need to take that stick out of that uncomfortable place.... think I'm being rude? better blame tv. war? tv poverty? tv. (note the sarcasm people) of course, me knowing so much about things like the human body, food chains, animals, - blame tv for that one too- anyone ever see a little show called magic school bus? I learned a lot from that show, without ever even knowing it- but when I'm in school, I'll give the correct answer to a question (straight A student, not to brag, just to further prove my point) and I'll think to myself "hey, I learned that from the magic school bus!"
#20 John Birm 2009-02-10 20:30
I am 15 and think that all parents suggesting history channel should watch it first. For a young child somes shows wouldn't be appropriate.
For example: Documentaries on Hitler, Wars, sex, etc. I agree with Ligaya, you should watch tv with your kids to see if a channel is ok instead of assuming that a channel is kid-friendly because it has the word history in it.

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Do you allow your children to watch TV or play on the computer before doing their homework?

Yes - 31.6%
Sometimes - 25.4%
No - 37.4%

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The voting for this poll has ended on: June 25, 2016