How many times last month did you communicate one-on-one with your child’s teacher (including email)?

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Votes: 95
1-2 times
Votes: 175
3-5 times
Votes: 108
6 or more times
Votes: 112

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#5 Ms. Daffnee B 2013-07-10 13:48
Parents should stay on top of their kids at all time, whenever you have a chance or sometime create time to go visit your child teachers, principal, even the lunch people, spend time alone with your kids to find their weakness & their struggles, I even go visit my daughter teacher @ lunch time or sometime leave work early and surprise her, parents make sure you check your kids back pack too very important they like to forget about notes that's being sent home one more thing always go to parent night, or report card night, Lets make it easy for the teachers help out in every way you can.
#4 Geoff Burton 2010-03-19 02:00
I volunteer an hour a day before work in my child's class so I have an excellent re-pore with his teacher and the admin. at his school. We must all do what we can to help our schools time, money or whatever we can do.
#3 CC 2009-01-11 22:02
You have to trust your child to tell you what is going on at school if you do not they will get in trouble somewhere where you cannot check in on them
#2 Eve Gomez 2008-12-08 15:53
Communication is the "key" to everything, from home to school to work environment. Staying on top of your children's education will make it a better world. Education should be a priority in everyone's lives. Our Children our the leaders of our tomorrow. Lets prepare them and get them ready for that. Remember it all starts at "home".

Stay in touch with your child's teacher. You will never miss a beat.
#1 Roberto G.Flores. 2008-12-07 04:02
I communicated one on one 3-5 or more with my child's and teacher/staff (including email.)

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