If your children were bullied at school you would:

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Tell them to tell the teacher.
Votes: 164
Tell them to fight back.
Votes: 92
Contact the school administration about the problem.
Votes: 281
Contact the bully's parents.
Votes: 67

Number of Voters   606
Start Voting   2015-02-09 00:00:00
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#4 Laura 2010-05-06 03:58
I've spoken to teachers, administraters, psychologists, psychiatrists,a nd the real thing that does work (this may be hard if you have a child like mine) is to get educated and get the child support and education. There are programs at children's hospitals where parents go into a seperate area and the child is put with a group of bulies and the recipients of being bullied. The goal is so have the child recognize where they fit and take responsibility and take action with the support of parents and piers!!! We have gotten to the point that this is so big in Middle School and we must help our child.
#3 Mary 2010-04-28 13:30
I voted for contacting the school administration because that is what I always do. But, it doesn't really help. I was interested to see how others voted. I have talked to teachers also, they sometimes seem a little more sympathetic, but don't or can't really do anything to help. I tried talking to parents a couple of times - that has always backfired. Once after talking to another girls dad, he left and found my 11 yr old daughter and began swearing at her! (he was ok with me..) I'm seriously considering moving.
#2 cindy rogoz 2010-04-20 21:11
I have found that dealing with the parents NICELY will have amazing results. Violence teaching in any form is not good.Teaching them to hit back or say something nasty back just keeps it going on. Teaching them to walk away and be the better person is the way to go. Just my opinion........
#1 Melanie 2010-04-18 14:58
Ive foud that telling the teacher gets nothing done. Either they are too busy, dont care and sometimes even affraid of the bully themself. Going in to talk to the administrater usually gets best results.

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