Has your child been bullied on the school bus? If so, what have you done?

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#3 Kimberly Jordan 2015-01-31 15:01
Alot of my kids are getting bully in the classroom
#2 Melissa Smith 2013-04-24 17:06
Schoolers are not always the incidents of bullying.ADMINS TRATORS AND EDUCATORS ARE BULLYING ARE CHILDREN IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS.They use intimidation,sl ander and abuse their authority.Each student has a price on them between 5,100-5,300.SO THESE YOUNG INNOCENT CHILDREN SHOULD ALSO BE TREATED WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT the same you demand yours.Young people are humans too not robots!The comfortable annual salary of 40,000,50,000,6 0,000 and +bonues.Thats MORE than another can even appreiciate.THE SE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE
thats truly passionate and cares for the voices of our children.TOGETH ER AS A CROWD WE OUR ONE!AND AS ONE WE WILL SPEAKUP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT! PLEASE kindly address any thoughts and concerns.If your child has been treated unjustified or discrimanated.
YOU ARE NOT ALONE I'm interested in your comments.Have you had any conflicts with public schools,non profit,private and also residental childcares.Log on to yahoomail .speakaboutyourschool@yahoo.com
#1 bob 2012-12-05 21:59
I think you should not do this

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