Your child may be showing signs of the Midyear Slump, which is common at this time of year. If so, how do you handle it?

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I talk with my child and ask her what she thinks is going on
Votes: 60
I talk with my child’s teachers and find out where he’s slumping (e.g. homework, tests, quizzes, etc.)
Votes: 61
Forget talking! When my child’s grades drop, I discipline her by taking away privileges (her cell phone, later curfew, etc.)
Votes: 52
I ramp up the physical activity to increase my child’s overall interest and motivation
Votes: 12
I take a more active role in his homework, letting him know that I’m keeping on top of him to keep him motivated and engaged
Votes: 108
I throw up my hands and wait patiently for spring!
Votes: 22

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Do you allow your children to watch TV or play on the computer before doing their homework?

Yes - 31.6%
Sometimes - 25.4%
No - 37.4%

Total votes: 4919
The voting for this poll has ended on: June 25, 2016