Does school start too early for your teen? What time?

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Yes—it starts between 7-7:30 a.m.
Votes: 124
Yes—it starts between 7:30-8 a.m.
Votes: 102
No—it starts between 7-7:30 a.m. and that’s fine.
Votes: 6
No—it starts between 7:30-8 a.m. and that’s fine.
Votes: 31
Too early? I think my teen’s school starts too late!
Votes: 10

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#7 Jenna 2014-07-31 00:36
Dear Laurie Gibson Lindberg, I agree soooo much. I am a 7th grader and yesssss that happens all the time. Thanks for telling me that it's normal not falling asleep at 8. My mom put me on a sleeping vitamin but I'm not sure it's working. I'm on the bus for an HOUR each day.
#6 Aysia 2012-12-03 11:16
I am a 6 grader attending hals and school starts at 7:30. So i have to wake up at 5:30.hals academy has high school hours.
#5 Elizabeth 2012-05-17 13:12
I am a freshman in highschool and school starts for me at 7:30am. I wake up most mornings at around 5:30 to 6 so that I have time to eat and catch the bus at 6:30. That's right, if you add it up I'm on the bus for about an hour every morning and afternoon. Some mornings I just can't do it and miss breakfast. I get out of school at 2:30 and usually get home around 3:30. I get a ton of homework everyday and on some nights and up till one a.m.(especially this week. Last night I was up till two studying for final exams!) Being up that late, usually I get around five hours of sleep or less. I repeat this everyday!
#4 Amy 2012-02-22 11:35
My 4th grader's school starts at 7:40. I have to wake her up at 6am!! I think we are waking kids up way, way too early. She needs to be ASLEEP by 8pm to have a good night's sleep-and this is very hard to do!!

My 7th grader's school starts at 7:30am! I have to wake her up at 6am also.
Getting them out of bed at this unGodly time of day is difficult at best.

I think the school times are driven by the bus schedules. WE need to do what's best for young brains AND the facts we know about how kids learn. They learn best when they are well rested. We need to start schools later in the morning to help kids get a good nights sleep and be prepared to learn.
#3 Theresa Smith 2012-02-17 19:48
The children are well prepared for their day because we have a regular bedtime....no later than 9 p.m. They don't want to be getting off the bus too late either. I leave for work early and so they must dress and be dropped off at a family members and then they rest until the other family members get up for school and breakfast. I also teach at a school that has an afterschool program and those kids don't leave the school until 6:15 p.m. everyday. They are all doing so well and staying safe and out of trouble. The schools have so much to deal with and the economy leaves no parent at home. The answer lies in people helping people...commun ities getting involved with the kids.
#2 laurie Lindberg 2012-02-16 00:48
People are afraid of change. They stick to the status quo, even if it makes no sense. The cognitive dissonance is astounding.
#1 Laurie Gibson Lindberg 2012-02-16 00:46
My children struggle to get up in the morning in time for the 6:30 high school bus and the 7:15 middle school bus. It's especially heartbreaking for me when the night before they go to bed anywhere between 9:30 - 10:30 p.m. and then one of them will come downstairs at 11:30 and say "Mommy, I can't sleep." This started like clockwork (ha ha) at around age 14 or so. It has nothing to do with me "making them" go to bed. They are naturally on a teen sleep cycle. So they are normal. What message does it send to children when they are made to feel that what is normal is not okay?

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