Do you have a rule about “screen-free” homework time for your kids?

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Yes, and my kids get more done without TV, video games, their cell phone, and a computer.
Votes: 112
No, I let my children handle their homework. As long as it gets done, I’m okay with however and whenever they do it.
Votes: 29
Partly. While I enforce a set homework time, my children can use a computer while doing their homework.
Votes: 31
My kids are multi-taskers; they say they can’t do their homework without listening to music, having the TV on, etc.
Votes: 12
I haven’t found the right solution, and it’s something my kids and I continually argue about!
Votes: 30

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#3 Stacey Warren 2012-09-14 02:34
Our rule in our home is a No Plug In policy until chores & homework is complete, and correct when school is in. Meaning that Monday thru Friday, there is no TV, videos and such. Now if there is a movie on that usually starts at 5 pm, then they can relax until dinner once everything else is completed and correct 1st by mom or dad. Once dinner is complete then showers and to their rooms to read until no later than 9 pm. Lights out expect for Friday nights. Weekends are to do chores then fun family time THEN plug ins if needed. This may not be for everyone but it sure works for our family as a "No Exceptions Rule."
#2 Tiffany 2012-03-13 13:03
I agree John.
I also think maybe some of it depends on how we studied as kids, or still do.
I needed music as a kind of white noise so I never cared if my kids listened either. They have good grades. They have figured out what works for them.
But it's sometimes intimidating to admit because of other parents judgements.
#1 john hart 2012-03-02 02:03
I am surprised at the low poll numbers for the bottom two categories. Perhaps those who take those approaches are reluctant to vote. Personally, I think any one of them can work. It just depends on the child.

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Do you allow your children to watch TV or play on the computer before doing their homework?

Yes - 31.6%
Sometimes - 25.4%
No - 37.4%

Total votes: 4919
The voting for this poll has ended on: June 25, 2016