Does your school penalize students who are consistently tardy, even with a note from parents?

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No, but I think they should. Kids who are late disrupt class.
Votes: 11
Yes, and I think a penalty of lunch duty or detention is just fine. Be on time!
Votes: 26
No, and I’m glad our school doesn’t penalize tardiness. Sometimes kids run late; give them a break!
Votes: 20
Yes, our school does penalize tardy students, but I don’t think it’s fair.
Votes: 22
I don’t know since my kids are never tardy to school.
Votes: 26

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#3 Brian 2012-04-02 23:14
This is a tough subject as it all depends on if the school allows the students enough time to get to one class to another. I know my son's school only allows 3 minutes between classes. If he needs to use the restroom or needs to get into his locker for something then it is probable that he will be late for class. I am not sure the school district has taken all items into consideration. I mean, I understand why they do not allow a large amount of time between classes as they do not want students horsing around and causing trouble but 3 minutes to me seems tough.
#2 Macoule 2012-03-30 13:13
Parents are responsible to train and model to their children. As parents we need to be great trainers and models. Schools expect too much from children's behaviors. We can't expect them to act a certain way if they had never been trained to act that way. Let first train them. Let also remember, change does not come overnight.
#1 Tammy 2012-03-30 03:32
I don't think my younger children have penalties for being late. I do support that because it is the parent's responsibility to instill promptness. My 11th grader does have penalties such as detention and I do think that is appropriate. High schoolers and even middle schoolers should be held accountable for their own actions; if they themselves are the cause of their own tardiness. If; however, the parent sends a note accepting the responsibility, then I do not think the high schooler or middle schooler should be penalized.

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