Are your kids involved in planning the family's summer vacation?

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Yes. We want their input about places to visit and things to see, and then we decide as a family.
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Yes, they’re involved but only to a point. While their ideas are important, if we’re planning to travel to visit extended family, for example, the kids don’t get a say in the matter.
Votes: 5
Half and half. They get to choose places they’d like to go for day trips. They can also say where they’d like to go for our family vacation—but we, as parents, make the final decision on that.
Votes: 9
No. We’re the parents, we’re paying for it, and whatever we decide to do we’ll do as a family.
Votes: 11
Yes, because we try to plan educational vacation trips based on what the kids are learning about in school.
Votes: 1

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