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Writing Prompts

Looking to get your kids' creative writing juices flowing? Try one of these writing prompts. Find even more help on our Building Writing Skills at Home resource page.

And for kids ages 6-13, be sure to complete the NFL Play 60 Writing Prompt; you could win a trip for four to Super Bowl XLVIII!
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Use this NFL Play 60 writing prompt to either enter the NFL Play 60 contest to win a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 or to help children practice their writing skills.
Number of Downloads: 2403  | Created on: 10/18/2013 hot icon
This writing prompt worksheet encourages children to think about resolutions in a way they can understand by asking them to pick one or two things they would like to improve about themselves.
Number of Downloads: 1972  | Created on: 12/05/2012 hot icon
Writing prompt gets kids thinking about why we have seasons. Even though the days start getting longer again after the winter solstice, the temperatures around us continue to get colder. Why do you think this happens?
Number of Downloads: 4291  | Created on: 12/22/2009 hot icon
Writing prompt encouraging kids to think about what good sportsmanship means in their own lives. For example, why do you think it is important to demonstrate good sportsmanship?
Number of Downloads: 3638  | Created on: 12/18/2009 hot icon
Write about what you would say if you were asked to give a speech at your community's Fourth of July celebration.
Number of Downloads: 1806  | Created on: 05/29/2009 hot icon

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