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Chore charts and chore lists

Printable chore charts to help you enlist the efforts of your kids in tackling the never-ending jobs around the house. With our chore lists, your kids will know what's expected of them, which will help the whole family stay organized. Use our suggested chores for your kids or customize with your own chore lists.

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Get younger kids into the habit of helping around the house with our weekly chore chart. It's an editable pdf document so you can customize it with your own chore list.
Number of Downloads: 22681  | Created on: 09/29/2011 hot icon
Help your 15-17 year olds keep track of their chore list for the week with our customizable chore chart.
Number of Downloads: 36972  | Created on: 09/29/2011 hot icon
An editable chore list for 13-14 year olds. Use our suggested chores or customize it with your own.
Number of Downloads: 52869  | Created on: 09/29/2011 hot icon
An editable weekly chore chart to help your 10-12 year old kids keep their chore list organized.
Number of Downloads: 67642  | Created on: 09/29/2011 hot icon
A weekly chore chart for your 7-9 year old kids. This is an editable pdf which means you can customize it with your own chore list
Number of Downloads: 78721  | Created on: 09/29/2011 hot icon

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