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Summer Olympics Printables

The 2012 Summer Olympics take place in London, beginning on July 27 and ending on August 12. Celebrate this quadrennial event with Olympics-theme coloring pages, math worksheets, language arts practice, and more.
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Look for the list of Summer Olympic sports hidden in this word search. Can you find them all?
Number of Downloads: 4229  | Created on: 04/05/2012 hot icon
Rearrange the letters in each word or phrase to make a list of sports included in the Summer Olympics.
Number of Downloads: 2280  | Created on: 04/05/2012 hot icon
Practice identifying patterns, an early math skill, with this worksheet showing items used in Summer Olympic sports.
Number of Downloads: 3862  | Created on: 04/05/2012 hot icon
Draw a line to connect each number with the matching set of Summer Olympics-related items that are shown.
Number of Downloads: 1633  | Created on: 04/05/2012 hot icon
Practice subtracting single-digit pairs of numbers with this math worksheet using Summer Olympic sports vocabulary.
Number of Downloads: 1768  | Created on: 04/05/2012 hot icon

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