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All About Me

Explore your personal history and more with these printables and activity sheets.
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End the school year on a sweet note with this worksheet that prompts young students to identify their favorite project, subject, class, lunch, and more from the year.

Number of Downloads: 695  | Created on: 11/24/2015 plus icon
This printable family "shield" encourages children to think about both their family's roots and present traditions; suitable for both home or school use.
Number of Downloads: 534  | Created on: 11/29/2012
This eight-page back-to-school "book about me" prompts kids to write about themselves in detail, including their families, interests, and hopes for the school year.
Number of Downloads: 1276  | Created on: 11/28/2012 hot icon
Perfect for teachers at the beginning of the year, this printable sheet prompts kids to write about themselves, their favorites, and more.
Number of Downloads: 898  | Created on: 11/28/2012
Teach kids their family history with this simple printable family tree sheet.
Number of Downloads: 754  | Created on: 11/28/2012

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