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Dinosaurs Coloring Pages

Learn to recognize different kinds of dinosaurs and have fun coloring at the same time!
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The velociraptor is a well-known carnivorous (meat-eating) dinosaur, although scientists now think it was not much bigger than a very large chicken. Use your imagination to color this velociraptor.
Number of Downloads: 1179  | Created on: 07/30/2014 hot icon
The tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most well-known (and most feared) dinosaurs, but the one pictured here is more friendly than fierce.
Number of Downloads: 3713  | Created on: 07/30/2014 hot icon
This dinosaur is named for the three ("tri-") horns that are on the top of its forehead. Enjoy coloring in the triceratops on this page.
Number of Downloads: 1663  | Created on: 07/30/2014 hot icon
A stegosaurus is known by the spiky plates that cover its back. Have fun with this coloring page showing a stegosaurus.
Number of Downloads: 1346  | Created on: 07/30/2014 hot icon
A friendly apatosaurus (formerly known as the brontosaurus) is ready to be colored in.
Number of Downloads: 1167  | Created on: 07/30/2014 hot icon

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