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Family Science Adventures

These experiments, sponsored by UL, can introduce parents and kids to a variety of scientific principles in an engaging and interesting way. UL recently partnered with Health World to help keep science (and science safety!) a central part of the school experience. For more resources on promoting science safety at home, visit UL Safety Smart online.

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I wonder... How does dirty water get clean and safe to drink? In this adventure, we’ll test different filters to see which ones work the best at cleaning our dirty water.
Number of Downloads: 148  | Created on: 08/28/2014
I wonder...Can I harness the power of electrons? As helpful as electricity is, it can also be dangerous, particularly if we ignore good safety rules. There are two different experiments in this adventure. In Experiment #1, you will build a simple circuit to test the conductivity of materials. In Experiment #2, you will investigate the importance of insulators in electrical safety.
Number of Downloads: 123  | Created on: 08/28/2014
I wonder...Can I make a soda pop geyser without shaking up the bottle? In this experiment, you will unleash the power of the bubbles in soda pop through a safe reaction.
Number of Downloads: 132  | Created on: 08/28/2014
I wonder...How can I reduce the spread of germs? In this adventure, we’ll use pretend germs to see how easily they can spread to others. Then we’ll practice good handwashing technique to demonstrate how effective washing is at removing the germs. This adventure is great for all ages, and especially practical for young children.
Number of Downloads: 135  | Created on: 08/28/2014
I wonder...How can we use the power of the wind? In this adventure, make different styles of paper pinwheels and learn some of the science behind wind power.
Number of Downloads: 141  | Created on: 08/28/2014

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