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These reading worksheets and printables are a great (and fun!) way for kids to practice reading skills, including letter and word recognition and reading comprehension. Find more ideas on how to build reading skills at home.

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All About Books | 13 Documents

Color Words | 8 Documents

Letter Recognition | 25 Documents

Reading Comprehension | 11 Documents

Word Recognition | 50 Documents

Other Reading | 34 Documents

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Find as many Flag Day-related words as you can in this word search activity.
Number of Downloads: 4663  | Created on: 05/04/2009 hot icon
For Poetry Month, rearrange each group of letters to find poetry terms.
Number of Downloads: 2317  | Created on: 03/09/2009 hot icon
Guess which letters are missing in this Poetry Month-themed missing letters worksheet.
Number of Downloads: 1594  | Created on: 03/09/2009 hot icon
Find Passover-related words in this word search activity.
Number of Downloads: 5620  | Created on: 02/26/2009 hot icon
Rearrange each group of letters to find words related to Passover.
Number of Downloads: 4072  | Created on: 02/26/2009 hot icon

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