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Back-to-school worksheets, printables, charts, and calendars to help you start the school year organized.

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Your child’s lunch bag will be easily recognizable with one of these self-stick labels marking it. Four labels (two designs) print on each letter-size page. Print out the file on a full-sheet label, cut into individual tags, fill in your child’s information, and use to seal a disposable lunch bag.
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Tie one of these tags to your child’s backpack, and it will stand out from the rest. Two tags (one each of two designs) print on a letter-size page. After printing, cut around the tags, fill in your child’s information, fold in half, and tape or glue shut. Punch a hole at the top, and attach to the backpack with ribbon or string. For best results, print on card stock or other heavier paper.
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Whether it’s making the bed before school, a doctor’s appointment midday, or sports practice and going home with a friend in the afternoon, a weekly schedule will help your child keep track of each day’s activities and important things to remember. After filling it out, your child can keep it in a binder or other spot that’s easy to access. Update weekly or as needed.
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Save time with a preformatted, fill-in-the-blanks note to explain your child's absence, early pickup, and more. Two notes print on each letter-size piece of paper; after printing, cut along the dotted line to separate.
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Make sure your first meeting with your child’s teacher is productive; our suggested questions (plus some things you might want to share) will help.
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