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Help your kids practice their math skills with fun printables. Find even more on building math skills at home.

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Think through this word problem to find the answer. From The Critical Thinking Co.'s Math Detective® A1. Work on standards-based math while developing reading, writing, and thinking skills.
Number of Downloads: 7140  | Created on: 03/09/2010 hot icon
Find the similar figure. From The Critical Thinking Co.'s Building Thinking Skills® Level 2—to help develop vocabulary, reading, mathematical reasoning, and analytical skills.
Number of Downloads: 2033  | Created on: 03/09/2010 hot icon
Practice mathematical reasoning skills with this math practice sheet. From The Critical Thinking Co.'s Mathematical Reasoning® Level C—written to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
Number of Downloads: 2357  | Created on: 03/08/2010 hot icon
Analogy practice for young children. From The Critical Thinking Co.'s Math Analogies Beginning—standards-based analogies that teach analogical and mathematical reasoning.
Number of Downloads: 4663  | Created on: 03/08/2010 hot icon
Practice balancing the equations with these visual analogy sentences. From The Critical Thinking Co.'s Math Analogies Book 1. Practice analogies teach children to break problems down into their component parts, making it easier to recognize familiar formats that enable students to produce solutions.
Number of Downloads: 4067  | Created on: 03/08/2010 hot icon

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