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Internet Safety

Internet house rules, screen time contract, and online accounts and password organizer.

Find additional resources about how to keep your kids safe on the Internet.

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In this age of ever-increasing mobile use by kids, it's important for parents to discuss safe and responsible use. Use these tips and key discussion points for talking with your child about mobile technology.

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Handy list of websites that will help you teach your kids to be safe and responsible users of the Internet, social media, and personal technology.

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Make sure your child knows how to stay safe online and what your expectations are. This contract should be signed by both child and parent, and includes rules about safety as well as behavior while on the Internet. 

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The first step in Internet safety is communication, and parents play a critical role in making it ongoing. Here are some tips for starting (and continuing) the conversation about Internet safety with your kids as well as friends, family, neighbors, and teachers.

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The first step in Internet safety is communication; get the conversation rolling by talking about your family's "house rules" for smartphone use. A few rules are included to start you off, plus some extra space to write more just for your family.

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