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Let's Move! Screen Time Log

To get a sense of what changes may need to be made in your household, keep track of your family’s screen time vs. active time. First, log how much time your family spends in front of a screen, including things like watching TV and movies, playing video games, and using the computer (outside of school or work). Then, look at how much time the family spends doing physical activities, such as walking, doing active chores, or playing sports together. If you see that your family logs more hours in front of the screen than being active, sit down together and set goals to increase your physical activity. The first page of the download shows a completed log as an example; an empty log for your family to fill out is on the second page. Visit the Let’s Move! website for more information.

Let's Move! Screen Time Log
File Name: screen-time-log-lets-move.pdf
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Created On: 02/16/2011
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Do you allow your children to watch TV or play on the computer before doing their homework?

Yes - 31.6%
Sometimes - 25.4%
No - 37.4%

Total votes: 4919
The voting for this poll has ended on: June 25, 2016