Lunchbox Deconstructed Sandwiches

If desired, use mini cookie cutters (about the same size as the crackers) to cut the lunch meat pieces into fun shapes before packing the lunch box. Your child can then "construct" her own lunch at school.

Lunchbox Deconstructed Sandwiches
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  • vegetable or water-cracker rounds
  • chicken or turkey deli meat, cut into cracker-size pieces with shaped cookie cutter
  • part-skim mozzarella or cheddar cheese, sliced and cut into cracker-size pieces
  • fruit cup, packed in juice, or unsweetened applesauce (for dessert)
  • mini cookie cutters, optional
  • Directions

    1. The night before, have your child choose the crackers, meat, cheese, and dessert she'd like for her "Deconstructed Sandwich."

    2. Using a fun-shaped cookie cutter, cut the deli meat in cracker-sized shapes.
    3. Pack the crackers, meat, and cheese into her lunchbox. Add a fruit cup (or applesauce) as well.

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