Summer is coming! While its arrival can mean a more relaxed pace for many families, some parents do wonder about keeping up with academic skills. We hope this list of compiled resources can help you and your family prepare for the fun, and sometimes long, days of summer vacation while keeping skills sharp.

Summer Fun and Learning: This popular article offers helpful tips on working some learning into your child’s summer activities.

13 Summer Learning Activities: You’ll find that opportunities for keeping up with math and language arts skills during the summer months are all around.

The Many Benefits of Summer Camps: Spending time away from home at a summer camp can result in memories that last a lifetime. Blogger and educator Livia McCoy offers helpful tips on how to help your child get the most from a summer camp experience.

Family Trips Kids Can Plan: When you leave vacation planning to the kids, they enjoy the adventure more. They also develop valuable skills they can use in school.

Summer Chores Teach Responsibility: Livia McCoy explains the importance of teaching kids that doing chores is a part of life; printable chore charts (organized by age) can help you enlist the efforts of your kids in tackling the never-ending jobs around the house. Use our suggested chores for your kids or customize with your own chore lists.

You’ll find lots more resources for summer fun and learning on our Summer Learning Topic Page.