Back to school is here! While its arrival can mean a return to some much-needed routine, all parents know that the transition from summer to school brings inevitable challenges. But don’t fear—that’s what we’re here for. We have lots of helpful information on everything related to back to school, including getting organized, working with teachers, easy meal planning, and much more. We hope this list of resources can help you and your family prepare for the transition from summer to school.

Back-to-School Shopping Tips

Don’t hit the malls (or your computer) without being prepared. You’ll save time, money, and stress with these tips.

Easy (and Healthy) Meals and Snacks

Schedules and deadlines always put pressure on meal times. Get your action plan in place now with our ideas for quick and healthy breakfasts, easy weeknight dinners, and nutritious school lunches that won’t stress you out when you’re preparing them late at night.

Homework Help

Set the stage for good homework habits at the beginning of the year, and it can reduce the stress all year long.

Getting Organized for Back to School

Taking some time to get organized now will pay off during the first school day, week, and all year long.

How To Adjust to New Routines

Change and new routines are always stressful. Being organized and talking about what’s ahead is key to helping everyone make the transition into the school year.

What To Expect in Each Grade

Many parents aren’t sure what the school year will bring academically or socially. Our “what to expect” guides will walk you through what your child will be learning and how she’ll be developing socially during the year.

Parent Involvement

Being involved in your child’s education is an important part of helping him have a successful year. You don’t need to run for president of your parent group—just pitch in where and how you can.

Working With Teachers

Start the year feeling confident about how you communicate with your child’s teacher. We have lots of suggestions on what to ask and how to keep your meeting time productive.

For more on the above topics, check the following resources: